Tuesday, September 27, 2011

CVS and Walgreens (my stuff) :)

I told you in the last post about my moms stuff, I did basically the same things...
I did the Schick Quattro, but I had a $5 coupon that I printed last week
razor sale $8.99
-$5 coupon
pay $3.99, get back $5
=$1.01 Moneymaker!

Charmin, $2.99 with in ad coupon

Balance Bar, $1.59, get back $1.59

Haribo Gummys
sale .69 w/ in ad coupon
-.40 coupon (printed a long time ago)


Softsoap Body Wash, sale 2/$6
-2-.75 coupons from 9/25
=pay $4.5, get back $4
=.50 for 2 body wash!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Walgreens and CVS, LOTS of GOOD stuff!

I did my moms Walgreens and CVS for her today since she was working, and her RR expire today!

She started with $12 in RR at Walgreens
And I spent about $5 and she has $13.20 in Register Rewards now!

Schick Quattro, sale $8.99 (did this 2 times at different walgreens)
-$4 coupon from 9/25
Pay $4.99, get back $5

Zarbees Cough drink (for kids)
$5.99, get back $6

Balance Bar (also did this 2 different times)
$1.59, get back $1.60

Charmin double rolls,
$2.99 w/ in ad coupon

Reeses sale .59 ea, good filler
(remember you have to have as many items as u do coupons!)

Pantene hairspray, sale 2/$6.97
-$3/2 from 9/25
pay $3.97, get back $1 ECB

Thursday, September 22, 2011


I started with $10.99 in ECB's, spent about $5 in cash, and got back $4 in ECB's
Scott paper towels, $5.99
-$1 coupon from SS 9/11 or SS 8/14
pay $4.99, get back $1 ECB =$3.99

Schick Hydro, sale $8.98
-$5 coupon from Coupons.com
=$3.98, get back $3
=.98 cents

Softsoap, sale, 3/$5
no coupons , just needed hand soap

CVS polish remover, $1.99
(needed that also)
there is a sale when you buy $15 CVS products, you get $5 ECB

Ritz Crackerfuls, got a coupon from red machine for a free box last week, but CVS was out, so I got a raincheck and picked up my FREE box yesterday!


FREE Cascase at Walmart, .97 use $1 off Cascade product (PG 8/28 I think)
=FREE (.03 cent Moneymaker)

Also FREE Febreeze Plug ins, $2.97 ea, use $3 off coupon =.FREE +.03 Moneymaker!


Head over to Coupons.com to print some high value ($5) coupons for Schick Hydro Razors, and other great deals on shaving products!  Hurry, these coupons won't last long!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

More Great Deals...

I ran to Walgreens and CVS again today, I am low on Toilet Paper...

Got all this for about $1.15 out of pocket (after using some of my RR and ECB's), and got back $10.69 in RR and ECB's

Walgreens has Quilted Northern, 2/$8, then get back $1 RR

Also did the Crest Toothpaste again, sale $1.99
-$1.00 coupon from PG 8/28
get back $1 RR=FREE

And did the Glide/ Oral B one again, (I was out of the $2 off coupons, but still a good deal with the .75 off ones)
sale 2 /$5
- (2 ) .75 coupons
=$3.5, get back $3 in RR

Had to get 2 more items, to cover my 7 coupons I was using, so got 2 yellow mini highlighters, clearance .19 each

CVS Brand allergy medicine, $3.69, get back $3.69=FREE

Cottonelle, sale $2.99, decent deal, probably should have not gotten it, it was the last package, and I have a coupon for $1/2, so that would have been a good deal)

Crest toothpaste (travel size)
$2.49, get back $2 in ECB

Overall pretty good deals!! 
I think I am good on toothpaste for a while! :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Walgreens and CVS week of 9/11

Lots of good deals this week!!

I got all of this for about $22 out of pocket, BUT I got back $21.67 in RR or ECB's!

I did start with $1 in RR and $5.99 in ECB's

The Gain deal is great at Walgreens, and seems to be an unadvertised deal!
Gain detergant is on sale for $5
-$2 coupon from 9/11 SS
AND buy 2 Gain dish soap, $1.79
-(2) .50 coupons from 8/14
Total for all 3 is $5.58 plus tax, BUT when you buy these together you get (2) $3 Register Rewards!!  So it is a moneymaker!!!
I have done this deal 2 times, so far!

Crest is FREE, after RR, sale $1.99
-$1.00 coupon from 8/28
pay .99, get $1 RR

Playtex Tampons at Walgreens, sale $3.99
-$2 coupon
=$1.99, get back $1

Scott PaperTowels, sale $5
-$1 off from Walgreens coupon book
-$1 off from 9/11

Remember at Walgreens, you have to have as many products to buy as you do coupons, so I found some CHEAP candy, .25 ea on clearance!

At CVS the DAWN soap is great, sale price of .99,
-.75 coupon from 8/28 PG
=.24 each

Also, Softsoap Bodywash, sale $2.99
-.75 coupon from Colgate.com
=2.24, get back $2
=.24 cents!

I bought Colgate Optic White toothpaste at Walgreens, but it is actually a better deal at CVS,
there is a CVS printable coupon at CVS.com, AND use the manufacture coupon from 9/11, to get FREE toothpaste!

Tampons from CVS, Brilliand Ph brand
pay $6.79, get $6.79 back!
Found a printable coupon for $1 off