Wednesday, May 25, 2011


As you can tell I have been busy not posting any deals!!  I have been knee high in end of year party stuff for my kids school, and we leave this weekend for Disneyland, so I will not be posting anything for a few more weeks!  Sorry!  I miss it, and will be excited to get back into it when I get back, and my pantry will need it!
Happy Summer!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Heart Kroger!

I went to Kroger today with a handful of coupons and did GREAT!
I got all this for $3.67!!  Saved $60.04
* I did receive a coupon booklet in the mail for some FREE items...which I always wondered why my sister in law got those coupons, and I didn't, well, I had a prescription filled a couple of weeks ago, then I started receiving these coupons!
Ronzoni pasta
Mega sale (after buying 10 participating items)
.50 ea
print coupon here and here (you can print 2 per site!)
=FREE pasta!

Boulder Chips
.99 after mega print $1 off 1 bag (use zip code 90210)
=FREE chips
aslo, some $1 OFF 2 bags
=.50 each

Quakes rice snacks
after mega .59 ea
coupon from 5/1
=.18 for 2

used FREE coupon from home mailer

used FREE coupon from Home mailer

Lays Chips
used FREE coupon from home mailer

Softsoap handsoap, sale .88
used .75 off home mailer coupon

sale $2.67
used $1 off from 5/1

Dawn dishwashing liquid, $ 1.49 (not on sale)
I didn't need this but had a digital coupon and paper coupon, and checking to see if they allow BOTH, and they did!  I don't know if it is only during Mega Event, or not, but I loved it!
-used .50 coupon (doubled)
-and digital coupon for.25
=.24 cents

used FREE coupon from home mailer

Haribo Gummy Bears
sale $1
used .30 coupon from (tripled)
=.10 each

Remember to buy in quantities of 10 for Mega items!
I may be going back to get razors with my ecoupon and my paper coupon!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


I ran to Kroger to check out the MEGA EVENT, and I ran out of time, so I just got a few things before I had to get kids from school...
I got all of this for $1.30!!

The Reach sale is still going on, I didn't have anymore of the $2.50/2 coupons from 4/17 (moneymakers!)
But still used $1 off and .50 off to get FREE flossers that my kids LOVE!

Skinner Pasta is .19 each!! 
No coupon needed! Must buy groups of 10 (mix n match)
I bought 7

3 Cap n Crunch (for my 10 items)
sale, after Mega is $1.99,
used .50/1 (doubles)
=.99 each!! 

I also had a $3 off your next purchase coupon that I used!

Will post more finds later in the week!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


LOTS of sales and good finds at CVS, it was almost hard for me to decide what scenario to do, and since I only was starting with $4 in ECB's, it was not easy!

I did get all of this in 2 transactions for about $10, and I have $5 in ECB's
1st Transaction

2 Colgate toothpaste
sale, $2.77 ea
-.75 coupon in 5/1
get back $2.77 in ECB's
=MONEYMAKER (limit 2) after ECB and coupon!

Maybelline Mascara
sale, $7.49
used CVS store coupon from last week red machine -$3
used coupon from 3/6 or 4/10 -$1
get back $2 in ECB
=$1.49 after ECB and coupons

Total =
paid $3.75cash, (after paying with $4 ECB)
 get back $ 7.54 in ECB's

2nd Transaction...

sale, 2/$1
coupon 5/1 .50/2
=2/.50 (got 4, but someone already ate 1)

Ivory Soap
sale, $1
-coupon from 5/1 $1

Charmin Basic 12 ct
sale, $4.99
use .25 coupon 5/1
=4.74, get back $1 ECB

Tide laundry soap
sale, $5.99
use coupon $1 off wyb Charmin or Bounty Basic
=$4.99, get back $1 ECB

Bic Soleil
sale, $6.99
use coupon -$3 5/1
=$3.99, get back $3 ECB

Total 2nd Transaction=
$7.86, got back $5 in ECB's


I ran to Kroger and got all this for just .10 cents!!!
Better Oats Oatmeal
sale, $1 x 2
coupon (internet Printable) -$1 x 2

Franks red Hot Sauce
.99 x 2
-.50 coupon that doubles x 2

Mahatma Rice
.89 x 2
coupon from 5/1 -.50 (doubles) x 2

Cinnamon Rolls
sale, $1
coupon .30 (tripled)

I think Kroger starts a MEGA even tomorrow!  I will post match ups soon!