Wednesday, April 27, 2011

By the way...

Because of Easter Holiday, there were no inserts in the newspaper, so don't run out to get any!!


CVS is OK this week...
I started with $13 in ECB's, paid I about .93 cents, got back $4 in ECB's, not wonderful, but couldn't resist stocking up the garage fridge!

Also, did go the other day and get Mens Dove deodarant on sale for .99 cents!! Great deal!!


Kroger sales have been AWFUL lately, but I did go today and get a lot of toothbrushes and flossers!
Some coupons produce overage, so I got some fruit!
Reach toothbrushes
sale, $1
use coupon from 4/17

Reach flossers
sale, $1
use coupon from 4/17 BUY 2 save $2.50 (***produces .50 overage!)

Listerin Pocket packs,.
sale $1
use coupon from 4/17 SS, or maybe 1/9 SS

sale $1
use coupon from 4/3 PG

Mentos gum
sale $1
use coupon from 3/20 SS

I spent only $1.34 on everything pictured!!! And Saved $47.78!!


I made a quick run into Albertsons, to get Hefty One Zip bags

They are on sale for .88
then use $1/2 from 2/21 RP, makes them .38 each!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


New sale at CVS starts today! 
I started with about $8 in ECB's, then when I got there i scanned my card and got a $5 ECB from the Beauty Club!!

So I bought
2 Nivea Bodywash
sale, $3.88
-$3.00 coupons x 2 4/17
=.88 each!

Edge shave Gel
-.55 coupon from 3/20
=2.74, get back $2.30 in ECB!!
=.44 , limit 1

Schick Intuition
razor or refill,
sale, $8.99
-$2 coupon from 3/20 or 4/17
=$6.99, get back $4 ECB

1 Paas egg dye kit
$1.99, get back $1.99

So, after coupons, and my ECB's I paid .81
Then got back $8.29 in ECB's...

On the bottom of my receipt was a coupon for $5 off $10 purchase, 3 days only!!
So, I bought

2 Head & Shoulders
- BOGO FREE coupon
=$4.99 for 2
get back $2 ECB (I will use the $5 off $10 coupon so makes them a moneymaker, because of $2 I will get back!)

I also threw in a Mens Nivea Body wash for my nephews
-$3 coupon 4/17

So my 2nd transaction total was .39, then got back $2 ECB!

There are also ECB deals on Coke, and other things, so I may go back later this week!!

Go get a newspaper, or 2!!

There are 4 inserts in todays paper, so run out and get a few copies!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Week at CVS!!

Got all this for less than $5 out of pocket!!

I started with only $10 in ECB's,
and I did 2 transactions...

1st transaction
Spend $20, get $10 ECB on Lysol/ airwick
Airwick Freshmatic imotion
sale, $5 x 3
-$4 coupon x 3
=$1 x 3

2 Lysol neutra air,
sale, 2/$5
-$1.50 coupon
=3.50 (could have used 2 of these coupons, but forgot one at home)

Bic Soleil (not crazy about this raxor but a good deal with ECB/s
-$2 coupon (can't remember where from)
=$4.99, get back $3

Spent about $1.60 out of pocket after my $10 ECB
got back $13 in ECB's

2nd transaction
Jergens lotion, spend $15, get $5 ECB
sale 2/$15
-$3 coupon from 4/10 SS
=$12, get back $5

Super Bubbles (not pictured) for my kids
get back $1.99

Russell Stover chocolate egg
get back .74

Spent about $2 out of pocket after $13 ECB, got back $5, $1.99, and .74

Also some good coupons printed from the magic machine, a $3 off Bounty paper towel (8 ct) which is on sale for $6.99, so not a bad price, plus you can combine that store coupon with manuf coupon!

Also $3 off Benefiber printed! Also good deal with the $2 off coupons that are still out!


I ran to Kroger for a few things (their sale this week stinks!)

But I managed to get all this for less than $4
Suave deod
-.50 coupon 3/20 RP (doubles)
=.09 cents each

Snickers eggs
.50 each
-$1 off 2  PG 4/10

-$1 coupon 3/27
=$1.29 ea

Olay Bar soap
$2.19 ea
-$2 coupon 4/3 PG
=.19 each

$1.19 ea
-$1 PG  4/3 PG
=.19 ea

Maybe next week will be a better sale!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

FREE Toothbrushes at Walmart!

You can get FREE toothbrushes at Walmart with the $2 coupon in PG 4-3
They are priced $1.96
Update 4/12: Walmart raised their price this week on this toothbrush, but I think you can still get it FREE at good old Kroger!
Dont forget to pick up an extra double issue of the newspaper while you are there!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Week at CVS starts today!!

I got all this for $2.66 out of pocket, and got back $10 ECB's!!

I started with $20 ECB's, then scanned my card when I got there at the magic red machine and got a $2 ECB for my winter spending!
I did 2 transactions...

1st transaction:
Contact eye solution $8.99
-$1 coupon from todays paper
get back $8.99 in ECB's
= FREE plus $1 moneymaker!!

2 Crest mouthwash, $3.49 each
-$2 coupon from todays paper
-$1 coupon from todays paper
get back $2.50 on each
= FREE plus $1 Moneymaker!

Infusium 23 leave in treatment (needed for my daughters hair)
sale, $4.99
-$2 coupon in todays paper
=2.99, but because of above overage, it cost me .99 cents!

Oral-B toothbrush
-$2 coupon from todays paper
-.99 ECB
=FREE (limit 2)

My total after coupons was about $16, used ECB's to pay, got back
$14.98 in ECB's

2nd Transaction

When you buy $30 certain products you get $10 ECB's
I got 3 Charmin @ $5.49 ea
and 3 Herbal Essences Shampoo
 and 3 Herbal Essences styler
-used 3 Herbal Essences Buy 1 shampoo get a styler FREE (-2.75 ea)
-used 1 $1/2 from todays paper
Spent all my ECB's, plus $2.66 cash...
got back $10

Great week at CVS!!