Monday, March 28, 2011

New week at CVS

There are lots of good deals this week at CVS!

Halls cough drops
- .75 coupon from 3/27
Get $1 ECB
=.08 cents each after ECB (limit 2)

Colgate tooth brushes (or toothpaste)
-$1 coupon from 3/27
get back $2 ECB
= FREE (limit 2)

Physicians Formula Organic mascara
-$1 coupon from 3/20
get back $7 ECB

Skintimate Shave cream
-.55 coupon from 3/27
get back $2.50 ECB
=.44 shave cream (limit 1)

sale, Buy 2 get 1 free
use coupon from 3/27 buy2 get 1 free
also use coupon that prints from magic red machine, .25 off...
so buy 3 get 2 free -.25...=.65 for 3 snickers
(did this twice)

So I started with $15.99 in ECB' before coupons was $29
used all coupons plus ECB's, plus spent $3.78 out of pocket...
Got back $15.50 in ECB's!!

Parents Magazine

Great Deal on Parents magazine...
go to this website and enter coupon code K4M8W9D and get a whole year for just $1

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I guess I have to clean my house now...

I went to CVS today to use my $5 off $15 purchase...
Total before coupons  about $17
Used my manuf. coupons and my $5 coupon, total was then about $8
paid with a $5 ECB and $3 cash, then got back a $5 ECB!! (when you spend $15 on these items you get a $5 ECB)
Coupons can be found in 2/13 SS for all these items!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Kroger March Madness

Kroger is doing a mega sale when you buy 10 participating items you get $5 off!
When you combine that with coupons its a great deal!!

Prices are after mega ($5 off) Remember to buy in groups of 10...

Sunny Delight
-.25 coupon (triples)
=.14 each

Ronzoni Smart Balance pasta
-$1/2 SS 1/23

Tyson Anytizer chicken
-$1 coupon from 1/23 SS
=.99 ea

Maruchan noodles
.88 ea
-.50 coupon (doubles)
=.12 profit on each

Pedigree dog foor
$3.99 ea
-$3 coupon 3/6 SS
=.99 ea

Dannanino yogurt
-$1 coupon 2/27 SS
=.79 ea

.50 each
(cheap item to buy so I could get to my 20 item total)

Not in cluded in Mega:
grapes $1 a pound!!

Snickers eggs (not pictured because my hubby ate them)
-$1/2 mars easter candy 3/20 RP
=FREE candy!

I bought everything for $16.20, saved $44.30

New week at CVS

Sunday started the new sale at CVS and there are a few good deals out there...
Schick Intuition $8.79
-$2 coupon from 3/20
pay $6.79 get back $4 ECB

Crest Pro Health (limit 2)
$3.49 x 2
- $1 coupon from 2/27 PG x 2
= pay $4.98, get back $5 ECB = FREE toothpaste!

Allegra Allergy medicine
-$2 coupon from SS 3/6
=$4.99, get back $6.99 ECB...$2 money maker!!

So I started with $15 in ECB's, plus spent about $1.92, got back $15.99 in ECB's!
Plus got a $5 off $15 purchase on the bottom of my receipt!! 

Monday, March 7, 2011


Went to CVS yesterday...
I got all this for FREE!!! 
The nail polish is $3.99 there is $1 off coupon in Sundays paper, making it $2.99, then you get back $3 in ECB's!
The razor is $8.99 ( i think) and there is a $3 off coupon in 1/30 SS, get back $5 in ECB's
also when i bought razor these was a coupon attached for a free shaving cream (not pictured because my husband already took it to work!)

Eyeliner is $6.99, there is $1 off coupon in sundays paper, then you get back $4 in ECB's!

So after spending my Extra Care Bucks, I owed nothing, and got back $12 in Ecb;s!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Clearance at Walmart!

I don't know if this is happening at all walmarts, but the Walmart on N tarrant in NRH is having a big sale on Clearance clothing and shoes...things that are marked $7 are $3, things that are marked $5 are $2 things that are marked $3 are $1...nothing is over $5

I got all of these shoes for the girls (11 pair) for $15!!