Thursday, February 3, 2011

CVS in the ICE!!

I have been cooped up for a week, my kids and I have been passing the flu around!  Then we got all the ICE, I love my kids, but when I got my $5 off $15 coupon from CVS I could not get dressed FAST enough!!  Luckily Jason was home, and I was out the door...

I went to CVS and started with $9 in ECB' I had the coupon!!
So I did the Unilever deal (Skippy, Ragu and Hellmanns)
When you sepnd $15 you get $5 in ECB's...
Plus I did the Frosted Flakes/ mini wheats deal  $3/10  I had $1 coupon/ get a $4 ECB

So after my $9 in ECB and my $5 off coupon I owed $5.25, and got back $9 in ECB

Ragu 3/$5...used coupons from sundays paper  .30 off
Skippy 3/$5...used 3 $1 coupons from football coupon book from Tom Thumb
Hellmanns 2/$6...used 2- .25  coupons from sundays paper

*NOTE...when the man rang me up, he said my 3rd Ragu coupon would not go thru, and of course I argued, saying I have never had trouble before using multiple coupns...Oh well, .30 cents, what was I going to do...but my ECB at the end didn't print, so I asked him, and he looked at it, and said oh, ok, and printed me one!  So I paid and left...looked at my rect and my merchandise when i got home, I only bought 2 ragu...was supposed to get 3 with the ECB deal!  OH well!

FYI  The Hellmanns is a great deal, I have been making homemade Ranch dressing/dip with the back of the Ranch Packet you buy, and it gives directions...tastes JUST like Chilis!!!  YUM

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