Sunday, February 27, 2011

Great week at CVS!!!

Today starts a new sale at CVS and its a good one! 

I got all of this for .22 CENTS....

I started with 13.50 in ECB's, and spent .22 cents and got back $13.58 in ECB's!!!

2 2/$5, used 1 CVS coupon that printed last week for $2 off, then found a coupon for $2/2
   so got both for $1
Irish Spring on sale .88
Oral B sale $6, used 1 $3 coupon in todays PG , got back $3 in ECB
    (limit 2 on Oral B, they just were out, also is regular battery brushed too, not just kids!)
2 Crest mouthwash $3.29 ea, used $2 coupons from 1/30 PG x 2, got back 6.58
Gillette Razor, on sale $9.99, used $4 coupon from todays PG, got back $4 in ECB

Great week to get back into CVS if you don't have any ECB's!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

FREE $5 off at KROGER!!

Sign up with Pillsbury and enter a recipe and get a $5 coupon loaded to your Kroger card!  It's so easy, and took a whole 3 minutes to do! Click here to get your coupon!!  The coupon will automatically come off your next purchase at Kroger when you scan your card!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Go get a few newspapers this week!  There is only 1 coupon insert! :(

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I went to Kroger today and did pretty good!! 

I got all this for $31.72  (52 items!)
and SAVED $75.14
I did 3 transactions, so i could use the $3 coupons that print with each 10 participating items!

1st Transaction
27 items, $18.28
got back $6 in coupons for next purchase

2nd transaction
20 items, used $6 coupon, $9.41
got back $6 in coupons for next purchase

3rd transaction
5 items (milk,  hamb meat, stuff not in participating sale)
used $6 coupons and spent $4.03

9 Chef Boyardee
6 Pizza Rolls
2 Totinos Pizza
4 Betty Crocker Supreme Brownies
4 Fruit snacks
4 Crunch n Munch
1 waffle
1 mac n cheese (5 pack)
2 Uncle Bens Rice (not participating item)
3 Uncle bens mexican rice (not participating item)
3 Mentos (not participating item)
5 Grands Biscuits
Sprite Zero
2 BBQ sauce
1 Ragu
1 milk (not participating itme)
2.5 pounds ground beef (not participating item)
1 Gillett Body Wash, clearance $3.86, used $2 coupon (not participating item)

Some coupons I used...
First price is sale price when you buy 10
Ragu  $1.45   1/30 RP .30/1 =.50
Chef Boyardee $ .70    SS 2/6 or 1/2 (i had already used my 1/2 coupons, which makes it free)
Betty Crocker Fruit snsacks   $1.89    1/2 GM .50/2  = 1.39ea
Totinos Pizza  or pizza rolls  .95     1/30, price varies depends on coupon
Pillsbury grands .99    1/2 GM or 12/5 GM, price varies depends on coupon
Mentos $1,   2/6 .50/1= FREE (not included in special event)
Betty Crocker Supreme brownie mix  $1.69....50/1 =.69...from football book (tom thumb)
Barbeque sauce, .70...we did not get coupon in our area
Mac n Cheese (5 pack) $ printable for $1.00 off
Crunch n Munch (big boxes)  $1.69...1/23 coupon for .35 = .64 ea

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Ok, starting tomorrow there is a new Kroger sale, and its a GOOD one!  For every 10 participating items you buy you get $3 off, AND a $3 coupon for your next purchase!!

I will post tomorrow about what I bought, but look for
FREE Chef boyardee actually a moneymaker, cost -.19cents!!!
FREE Kraft BBQ sauce, .05 cent moneymaker!

cheap Pillsbury grands, fruit snacks, Crunch n munch, and Totinos pizza!

Monday, February 14, 2011


Yesterday started a new sale at CVS, and there is not alot going on, but I was able to do a little moneymaker!
This would be great for some of you who may not have any Extra Care Bucks and want to get started buying at CVS!!

2 Colgate Sensitive @3.79 ea
-2x$1 coupons from 2/6
pay $5.58 for 2 toothpaste, get back $7.58 in ECB's

2 Listerine Total Care @ 3.99 ea
-2x$2 coupons from RP10/10*
pay $3.98 for 2 mouthwash, get back $4.00 in ECB's

If you don't have coupons from that far back there is a $1 off in 1/9 insert, also for those that have older inserts there is also one from 9/19 RP

So, I started with my $10 ECB from last week, and my total was$ 9.something, and I didn't want to lose that .25 cents or whatever it was, so I grabbed the sweettarts that were buy 1 get 1 FREE!  so I paid .78 cents for all this and got back $11.58 in ECB's!!


Go get a few newspapers this week, there are 3 coupon inserts!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I went to CVS today and got all of this for less than $1.00 out of pocket!!  PLUS I made $5!!!
I started with $6 in ECB's...

First Scenario... buy $10 in NIVEA get $5 in ECB
4 Nivea Lip @ $3.xx ea=12.xx
Nivea  lip products used 2 BOGO FREE coupons from 2/6= $6.78
- $6 ECB
so spent .78 cents, got back a $5 ECB

I needed some haircolor just to cover some gray, now I know you are all thinking I am WAY too young for gray hair! ha!!  I guess that's what kids do to ya!
Anyway, there are $3 off coupons in 1/9 SS and 11/7 RP
Some colors are on Clearance for $1.99!!! 
I also had to buy 2 at regular ($7) to get the color I needed
When you spend $20 you get a $10 ECB!!

2nd Scenario...

2 Garnier haircolor @ $7 ea = $14
3 Garnier haircolor @ $1.99 =$5.98
-5x$3 coupons =$15
my total was about $5, used my ECB that I got from scenario #1 to pay
Got back $10 ECB
So this was $5 MONEYMAKER!!!  

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


There are not a lot of good deals this week at CVS...but I did manage to get a few things...
I started with $9 in ECB's
I bought 2 Oatmeal 2/$5...used 2-$1 coupons from 1/2 RP=$3, get a $2 ECB
3 boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios  3/$10...used $1 off 2 boxes from 2/6 =$9, get a $4 ECB

So I got all of this with just over $3 out of pocket (and $6 back in ECB)...the red machine printed a coupon for a free Snickers when you buy I had to get it to try the new Peanut Butter Snickers, by the way...YUM!!


Don't foget to get a few newspapers this week!  There are 2  coupon inserts!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

What's for Dinner?

This has nothing to do with coupons, but I haven't shopped much this week, so thought I would give you a great recipe!!
I used to own a tearoom, and the lady who owned it years ago, showed me how to make this soup, and it's WONDERFUL!
It is actually something my WHOLE family likes!  (My kids have become so picky lately!)

It is Chicken and Wild Rice Soup...

*2 boxes of Uncle Bens Rice...on sale now for $1.49 when you buy 10 at Kroger! ;)  I use 1 box of original, and 1 box of fast cook
*1 large can of chicken broth
*celery, sliced
*onion, chopped
*carrots, sliced
*1/2 stick butter
* 3 boiled chicken breasts, diced

Saute chopped onion and butter, add rice and seasoning packets that came with rice, add all the other ingredients and bring to a boil, then turn to low for about an may have to add water, because the rice expands so much...
So easy...

Tip for New Couponers...

Everyone does their coupons different...some clip them all, some don't clip any....find what works best for you...

I don't clip until I am ready to use them...but I do have an envelope I keep in my purse with coupons for yogurt, and colgate, and softsoap, and different things that are known to go on sale often and be cheap or FREE! Or for stuff I know we like, so I keep those coupons handy!!

Here is what my coupons look like...

If i tried to clip that huge stack of coupons, I would never have time to use them!! ( I get 5-6 papers a week)

I write the date on the front of each insert and just keep it intact!

I just bought my newspapers today, so if you haven't gone yet, there is still time!!!

CVS in the ICE!!

I have been cooped up for a week, my kids and I have been passing the flu around!  Then we got all the ICE, I love my kids, but when I got my $5 off $15 coupon from CVS I could not get dressed FAST enough!!  Luckily Jason was home, and I was out the door...

I went to CVS and started with $9 in ECB' I had the coupon!!
So I did the Unilever deal (Skippy, Ragu and Hellmanns)
When you sepnd $15 you get $5 in ECB's...
Plus I did the Frosted Flakes/ mini wheats deal  $3/10  I had $1 coupon/ get a $4 ECB

So after my $9 in ECB and my $5 off coupon I owed $5.25, and got back $9 in ECB

Ragu 3/$5...used coupons from sundays paper  .30 off
Skippy 3/$5...used 3 $1 coupons from football coupon book from Tom Thumb
Hellmanns 2/$6...used 2- .25  coupons from sundays paper

*NOTE...when the man rang me up, he said my 3rd Ragu coupon would not go thru, and of course I argued, saying I have never had trouble before using multiple coupns...Oh well, .30 cents, what was I going to do...but my ECB at the end didn't print, so I asked him, and he looked at it, and said oh, ok, and printed me one!  So I paid and left...looked at my rect and my merchandise when i got home, I only bought 2 ragu...was supposed to get 3 with the ECB deal!  OH well!

FYI  The Hellmanns is a great deal, I have been making homemade Ranch dressing/dip with the back of the Ranch Packet you buy, and it gives directions...tastes JUST like Chilis!!!  YUM