Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Today at Kroger...

I did great today at Kroger...I know a new ad comes out tomorrow, so some of these deals end today, but sometimes their sales run 2 weeks, so maybe you can get these deals, too!!
I did the freezer deal, when you buy 10 items you get $5 off, I also combined that with coupons so my final price was:
Toaster Strudels, .98 bought 4
Jose Ole tacos/taquitos  1.99  bought 4
Green Giant Steamers   .98  bought 4

I also got for FREE
4- Best Life Buttery Spread
5 Colgate Toothpaste
2 Louisiana Hot sauce

And ALMOST FREE...Coffee mate holiday creamers...77 each!!  I had a .55 coupon!! So, .27 each!

So, I got all of this (in the top picture) for $37.82, with a savings of $53.85!!  (41 items)

I did use some ecoupons that I was testing out...a lot of stores are not letting you combine ecoupons with manufacture coupons anymore...but my Kroger still does it, so I saved a little more with that!
So, if you don't have a good amount of coupons yet, go to Kroger.com and upload coupons to your Kroger card...also, cellfire.com and ecoupons.com, has printable ones!!
Happy Shopping!!

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