Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Week at CVS...

Lots of great deals at CVS this week, if you can find the items, if not get a raincheck, they never expire!

Finish Dishwasher packs, on sale for $3, there is a coupon in 1/2 SS for $2.25...making them just .75 cents each!  They are part of a Lysol/Airwick/Finish ECB deal, when you spend $20 you get $10 in ECB's!

Also great time to stock up on Toilet paper and  Paper Towels!!
I bought:
 2-10 mega rolls Scott Paper towels
1-48 count Scott Ultra soft Toilet paper
2 airwick twin refills (part of ECB deal, but had to get raincheck for the Finish)

I paid 18.40, I used a $4/20, 2 $1.00 airwick coupons, and $17 in ECB's
I got $10.00 in ECB's back.

I plan on getting 4 Finish packs ($3.00) to complete the ECB deal and receive $10 more in ECB's...maybe get more paper towels, and toilet paper since the limit is 2 on that deal!!??

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