Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Heart CVS!

Went to CVS again today...I scanned my red card at the machine and I already got a $5 ECB for the Beauty Club!!
so I did  the Coke deal again, but this time I did some Ritz and Wheat thins with 1 12 pack...
I had coupons for the crackers from the Tom Thumb coupon book...
so all of the crackers and 1-12 pack coke added up to $15-coupons=$12.00
I knew I had about $14 in ECB's, so I needed to buy something I got the mouthwash...
So, I spent about $1.00 out of pocket, I used my $14 in ECB's and got back $8.99 in ECB's!!($5 for Coke/crackers and $3.99 for mouthwash!!)


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  1. You go girl!!! I found you through No place like home! I'm a huge lover of coupons too!!!!

    Happy new follower!