Sunday, January 30, 2011


Go get a few newspapers this week...there are 4 coupon inserts!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Heart CVS!

Went to CVS again today...I scanned my red card at the machine and I already got a $5 ECB for the Beauty Club!!
so I did  the Coke deal again, but this time I did some Ritz and Wheat thins with 1 12 pack...
I had coupons for the crackers from the Tom Thumb coupon book...
so all of the crackers and 1-12 pack coke added up to $15-coupons=$12.00
I knew I had about $14 in ECB's, so I needed to buy something I got the mouthwash...
So, I spent about $1.00 out of pocket, I used my $14 in ECB's and got back $8.99 in ECB's!!($5 for Coke/crackers and $3.99 for mouthwash!!)


Kroger Deals

I went to Kroger this morning...
I got...
 15 cans of from 1/23 SS=.15 each
11 Del monte corn.=.26 each
8 Rotel...used coupon from Football book=.17 each
I box Kleenex...had a coupon from previous Kroger receipt ....FREE
5 Kraft cheese in 1/9 SS makes them .25 each
Bounty Paper towel, .98...had digital coupon for $1 off, it did not come off my receipt...:(

ALL for $8.37!!!  Saved $42.95  41 items!
Be sure and buy in quantities of 10!! (for qualified items!)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rotel and other coupons!

We (in DFW) were not fortunate enough to get the Rotel coupons in the paper, BUT there is a coupon in the booklet that Tom Thumb has, it has Tom Thumb store coupons, and lots of GOOD manufacture Coupons!!  Including Rotel...they are FREE at Tom Thumb, they have stands by the doors, the books are little, with a football on them...ask at service desk if they don't have any at stand by door!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Another CVS purchase...

At CVS when you buy Crest Pro Health mouthwash, for 3.99, you get an ECB for $ makes it FREE!
And there is a $2 coupon in 12/26 PG, so makes it a MONEYMAKER (MM)...
I also got some makeup, on clearance...
Almay, was (around) $2.68...used $2 coupons 1/23 x 2= so less than $1 for 2 foundations!
Revlon lipsticks, around $2.86, used $5 .72 for BOTH!!
Plus the mouthwash, total of $3.85 out of pocket and got a $3.99 ECB back!!

Kroger Mega Deals coming soon...

Kroger is starting their Mega Event Wednesday, which will probably run 2 weeks...there are coupons in Sundays paper (1/23) that will make Rotel, and Hunts tomatoes almost FREE!
Kraft Singles will also be very cheap!
Look for a post Wednesday!!


CVS has coke (variaties) on sale 5 for $15...then you get a $5 Extra Care its like 5 for $10...
I got all of these for $2, since I had some Extra Care Bucks to use! 
We don't drink soda that often, but it was so cheap, its nice to have when we have people over, or go camping!


I ran to Albertsons to get a 2 pack of Olay bar soap...FREE
I am kicking myself for not getting more coupons the day after Christmas! 
There is a $2 off in 12/26

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Got Juice?

I ran to Tom Thumb today and did the juice deal, pretty great deal, all of this for $9.00 ( I think should have been $8, but 2 of the .50 coupons didn't double)  Oh well, still a great deal!
When you buy 4 or more, they are 1.99 each, but with coupons from SS 1/2 they are .99 each!

Today at Kroger...

I did great today at Kroger...I know a new ad comes out tomorrow, so some of these deals end today, but sometimes their sales run 2 weeks, so maybe you can get these deals, too!!
I did the freezer deal, when you buy 10 items you get $5 off, I also combined that with coupons so my final price was:
Toaster Strudels, .98 bought 4
Jose Ole tacos/taquitos  1.99  bought 4
Green Giant Steamers   .98  bought 4

I also got for FREE
4- Best Life Buttery Spread
5 Colgate Toothpaste
2 Louisiana Hot sauce

And ALMOST FREE...Coffee mate holiday creamers...77 each!!  I had a .55 coupon!! So, .27 each!

So, I got all of this (in the top picture) for $37.82, with a savings of $53.85!!  (41 items)

I did use some ecoupons that I was testing out...a lot of stores are not letting you combine ecoupons with manufacture coupons anymore...but my Kroger still does it, so I saved a little more with that!
So, if you don't have a good amount of coupons yet, go to and upload coupons to your Kroger card...also, and, has printable ones!!
Happy Shopping!!

Monday, January 17, 2011


Kroger has Louisiana Hot sauce on sale for $1, there are coupons in yesterdays paper, for $1 off...FREE!!

Kroger is also running a mega event on Frozen foods...You can Mix n Match, just have to buy10 items...
Jose Ole frozen foods, are $2.99 when you buy 10 participating products, there is a $1.00 off coupon in 1/16 paper...making them $1.99, when you buy 10...mix and match...
Toaster Strudels are $1.49, when you buy 10...1/2 GM has .50/2...making them .99 each!
Green Giant Steamers are $1.49, when you buy 10 items...1/2 GM has .50/2, making them .99ea!!

Happy Shopping!

FREE Toothpaste!

Kroger has Colgate toothpaste 10/$10, (you don't have to buy 10)
there is a .50 coupon from SS 1/2...making for FREE toothpaste!
Sale runs thru Tuesday!

Tom Thumb Juice Deal

Tom Thumb has a sale on Juice when you Buy 4 you save $4, making the V8 Fusion, and V8 Fusion Tea only
$1.99, there is coupons for .50 off (doubles to $1)
and $1.00/1 in SS 1/2
So, when you buy 4 they will be .99 each, with 4 coupons!!
Thats a great deal on Juice!
Sale runs thru Tuesday!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

CVS Scenarios...

If you don't have any extra care bucks, you might be wanting a cheap way to get some!!
Well, here are 2 scenarios...

Maalox is on sale, prices vary $5.99-6.79...but there is a $5.00 coupon in 1/9 if you have 3 coupons, then you just need to buy 3 of the $6.79 ones and you will be out less than $6.00, but get back $10.00 in Extra Care Bucks!  (If you buy the cheaper Maalox, you will have to buy 4 to get to $20.00 for the ECB!)

Scenario #2
Finish Powerball $3.00, coupon in 1/2 for $ if you buy 7 of them (if you can find them)
you will be out $5.25, and get back $10.00 in extra care bucks!!
** If you can't find 7 Finish, add in an Airwick Freshmatic, sale $6, coupon is $4 then you just need 5 Finish! and only be out $5.75!! 

***And if you get a $4/ $20 email coupon, makes the deal even sweeter!!!

Then after these 2 scenarios, you can do the Toilet paper, and paper towels,
1 Scott TP $10
1 Scott Paper Towels $10
1 Kleenex $3.00  (1/2 coupon .50)
1 cottonelle wipes $2
use ECB's to pay, you will then be out only $4.25, AND get a $10.00 ECB!!

RUN to CVS...

I scored BIG at CVS today!  They have marked down even MORE L'OREAL makeup...75% when you combine that with the $5.00 off/2 coupons in 1/2 ads, its almost FREE!
I got 6 boxes of Kleenex used 2-.50 coupons from 1/2 SS
3 boxes of Finish Tabs, used 3-$2.25 coupons (1/2 SS) made them just .75 cents each!!
6 makeup products, including a powder!
1 Airwick Freshmatic starter kit, sale $6.00, used a $4.00 coupon from 1/2 (i think)
All for $2.24 out of pocket, I did use a $10.00 ECB, but I got one, too! (for the Finish, remember the other day I bought the airwick as part of the deal)  I saved $109.00 !!!
NOTE** You do not have to buy everything at once to earn the ECB, the receipt will tell you how much you need to spend to earn the ECB.    For Example, the Scott towel deal I did the other day, it is limit 2, SO WHEN YOU SPEND $50 YOU EARN $20...So the other day I spent $30, got $10...then I just spent $6 more (kleenex), so now my receipt says I need $14.00 to earn the other $10 ECB!

The finish tabs are scarce, but most stores in our area get a truck tomorrow!!

Make up I got...

 Happy Shopping!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Week at CVS...

Lots of great deals at CVS this week, if you can find the items, if not get a raincheck, they never expire!

Finish Dishwasher packs, on sale for $3, there is a coupon in 1/2 SS for $2.25...making them just .75 cents each!  They are part of a Lysol/Airwick/Finish ECB deal, when you spend $20 you get $10 in ECB's!

Also great time to stock up on Toilet paper and  Paper Towels!!
I bought:
 2-10 mega rolls Scott Paper towels
1-48 count Scott Ultra soft Toilet paper
2 airwick twin refills (part of ECB deal, but had to get raincheck for the Finish)

I paid 18.40, I used a $4/20, 2 $1.00 airwick coupons, and $17 in ECB's
I got $10.00 in ECB's back.

I plan on getting 4 Finish packs ($3.00) to complete the ECB deal and receive $10 more in ECB's...maybe get more paper towels, and toilet paper since the limit is 2 on that deal!!??

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Beauty club at CVS!!

CVS has started a FREE Beauty Club, sign up online and when you spend $50.00 on Beauty products, you get a $5.00 ECB!  Plus you get a $3.00 ECB on your birthday!!  After enrollment you also get a 10% off coupon!
Qualifying products include nail polish, hair care, lotions, fragrance, makeup, moisturizers, anti-aging...when you sometimes already get these for free with Extra Care Bucks, this will be a great money maker!


Kroger is doing a P&G deal, when you buy 4 participating products you get $4.00 off...
Cover Girl single eyeshadows are $1.24 (after $4.00 off)...there is a $2.50/2 in 12/26 PG, so makes them FREE (WYB 4)

Safeguard soap (2 packs)  on sale for $1.00 there is .35 coupon in 11/28 PG, making them FREE, actually a money maker with .05 cents overage!  (these are not on the buy 4 items)

Gas-x is on sale for $3.99 and there is a $4.00 coupon in 12/12 SS, making them FREE

Zone perfect bars are $1.00, 10/31 SS $1 coupon, making them FREE

Herbal Essence and Aussie are on the BUY 4 items sale!  There is a coupon for FREE styler when you buy a shampoo, 12/26 PG, so buy 2 shampoo, 2 stylers (FREE with coupon), use 2 BOGO coupons, and there is $1.00 11/28 coupons to put with it, which makes them almost FREE!

The Kroger deal is going this week too!


I went to CVS the other day, and got some great deals! 
Be sure and scan your CVS card at the red machine, you get a percentage of the money you spend quarterly back in ECB's!!
This week when you spend $25 on certain products you get $10 in ECB's...
I did 4 Wisk laundry soap ($20)- 4 $2 coupons from Sundays (1/2) paper=$12
2 Chips Ahoy
=17.00, then I had a $4.00/ my total was $13, ( I used 13$ in ECB's to pay, so cost me ZERO, plus got $10 back!)
But, if you don't have any ECB's this is a pretty good deal, you can do 5 Wisk, use 5 coupons, to make your OOP (out of pocket) smaller!

2nd transaction...
When you buy 2 Revlon beauty products or tools, you get $7 in ECB's...I bought 2 of the emory board packs which are $2.99 each, so spent $6, but got a $7 ECB...this is also a good one to get some ECB's, or to roll some, if you have some that are expiring soon!

Happy Shopping!

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!!  I know we sure did, I can't believe its over already!... I guess its time to get back to couponing!! :)