Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New to blogging!

I recently started couponing, and it is SO addicting, and so much fun to see how much money you can save!!
So I have decided to start a blog because I am always emailing or texting my mom and sister in law, to tell them what to go get that is a good deal that week....So, I figured if I blog about it, maybe I can save time and save friends some money, too!

This is what I bought today at Kroger: 8 boxes of cereal, and 4 bags of Chex mix, and a box of ziplocs all for $11.00
Their sales will change tomorrow, so I will post tomorrow about what to get this week at Kroger!
Also, watch for a post about CVS and how to get Extra Care Bucks, and get lots of needed items for FREE for your family!

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