Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mega Event

Kroger is running their Mega Event, which will run for 2 weeks!  When you buy 10 participating items, you get $5.00 off.  You can mix n match your items, as long as you get them in multiples of 10, and they are a participating item.  The shelf tag tells you if it is a participating item!  Now the FUN part is when you match up coupons WITH the participating items!  And, this is the only time Kroger allows overage.  Overage is when the item is .50 cents, but you have $1.00 coupon.  Thats a money maker, that means you get .50 free stuff!  (Normally the computers automatically adjust price to the price of coupon)
Technically, the best days to shop are Sunday thru Tuesday, because you get new coupons on Sunday and then the new ad comes out Wed, but I don't like to wait, and if better coupons come out Sunday, then I will just go buy more, heck its practically FREE anyway!
So, this is what I did today...
Del Monte canned tomatoes
 after Mega Event are .50 cents a can, but there is a coupon RP 9/19 for $1.00/5
making 10 cans $3.00!!!

Skinner Pasta is .38 cents a package, there are no coupons, but thats a great price!

So, this is everything I got today, and my grand total was $16.70  (40 items)
12 pasta, 10 tomoatoes, 4 cocoa, 6 fruit snacks, 4 cream of chicken soup, and 4 Ricola
with a total savings of $52.14  And I got 2$ off coupons for my next purchase at Kroger!

Ricola cough drops, FREE after SS 10/17  $1.00/2 coupon
Campbells Cream of Chicken Soup (or Cream of Mushroom soup) $1.20/4 after .40/4  SS 10/3 or 9/12
Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks $1.00 ea after .50/2 coupon GM 10/3
Nestle Hot cocoa, no coupon, but after mega event is .50 cents!

Remember, multiples of 10 mix n match! And all of these were participating items!
Happy Shopping!

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